business change & Growth agent

  • GM, General Mills, McKinzie NYC, Ford Motor, Lawson Software, Ogilvy and more-strategic consultant
  • Direct Marketing Handbook/Nash; Consumer Guided marketing/Shaver; Catalog Merchandise planning DMA.
  • Target Marketing Magazine-named one of top 200 Luminaries; HK McCann award for account leadership.
  • Keystone Speaker Asian Direct Marketing Association meetings: Manila, HongKong, Singapore and Europe
  • Served on a board of directors for an organization: NACCC 2 years; MN Brain Injury Association
  • Thought leader that adopted neural networks descriptive/predictive models to predict consumer action
  • Benchmarking research; Strategic Planning; Relationship/Loyalty Marketing; Database Marketing
  • Digital/Relationship Marketing; Benchmarking Studies; Catalog & Direct Marketing, Response creative
  • Built a $26 Mil. division of McCann from start up to profit in half time forecast (26 months)
  • Endorsed: see my LinkedIn profile for details.
  • Direct/Digital MKTG featured speaker in many diverse US conferences, Europe, Asia and Australia.
  • Largest group hired/led was 26 people including creative, account mgmt, data analytics, production
  • Former Board member, MN Brain Injury Assn. and interim CEO Faith Equestrian Therapeutic Center


Brent J. Bissell
Change is a constant force in business as it is in life. Enterprises and the people who comprise them must be loyal to their customers, listening and caring. Wide or narrow, it's a two-way street, not top down, but balanced in all things. Business must listen to discover and serve.
AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Author/Writer | Strategist | Market Intelligence | Customer Acquisition & Development | Research/Data Analysis | Content Creation | Branding and Loyalty Tracking- Customer and employee.

Innovative communications expert with broad actionable knowledge of all customer communication channels, and how best to approach and conquer challenges with uncommon solutions. Deep digital experience, with strong emphasis in research, strategic, creative and analytic practices have forged a versatile marketer who has earned a reputation as an industry pioneer in loyalty and digital campaigns. Inevitably, these campaigns induce brand interaction and personal exchanges of information and communications.

This dialog leads to a reciprocal and reinforcing dialogue. The information exchanged provides valuable insights into a customer's life. This allows the marketer to be living the details and expressing them through marketing experiences, acquired learning and the written, heard and spoken exchange of information.

I have an insatiable thirst for learning and this is my passion.


  1. -
    Founder/President, Strategic Consultancy-Direct Target One, Inc.

    As a strategic consultant, I have specialized in Strategic Planning, Research, Branding, Training, Creative and Consulting for database and digital marketing since starting Direct Target One, Inc. in 1994.

    Having concluded my assignment with Cox Automotive, I have resumed my consulting practice and now enjoy a number of active clients.

    To clients I brought over 25 years of sales, direct marketing and management experience as well as 17 years of specialization in response marketing in key business-to-business markets as well as all major consumer markets. During this period, my international clientele expanded dramatically into Asia and the Pacific Rim, North America and Europe.

    Clients have ranged from such corporate giants as AT&T, Acura,
    Ansett Australian Airlines, British Airways, several divisions of
    General Motors, Ford Motor, McKinsey & Company consulting (NY), Hallmark, Household Credit Services, Marion Merrell Dow, Pfizer, paper manufacturer UPM Kimmene, Southwestern Bell, Sprint…to smaller Organizations like AAA Chicago Motor Club, Thompson/Sylvan Prometric, National Bank of Detroit, Pioneer Electronics, Mutual of Omaha, Book-of-the-Month Club, Beech Aircraft…as well as agencies like Rapp Collins Worldwide, McCann Erickson, Carlson Marketing, DMB&B and Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide.

    Much in demand for Strategic Planning and Creative as well as strategic
    Consulting, perhaps best known internationally for training
    seminars on Relationship Marketing and Cyber-Marketing.

    As featured in the book Next Step in Database Marketing: Consumer Guided Marketing (Shaver publ. by J. Wiley & Sons, fall 1996), I was co-developer of that new form of database marketing. This emerging form of marketing enables clients to unleash the total powers of the marketing database through a strategic mix of traditional and digital media, and raise response rates to all time highs.

    At the same time, wasted marketing efforts are reduced to an all-time low and a Quantum Leap in customer lifetime profits is realized.

  2. -
    Marketing Compliance Manager, Cox Automotive Inc.

    Responsible for gap assessment of digital marketing best practices, and establishing/maintaining relationships with key Automotive OEM's, their marketing executives and agencies to provide understanding of, and access to brand standards, compliance guidelines, approved marketing assets, rules and regulations.

    Author, publish and present Corporate educational materials across company teams, and maintain direct client relationships to demonstrate complete customer support.
    In addition, I guide internal creative development of websites and customer marketing campaigns, including co-op clearances, pre-approvals and website compliance audits.

  3. -
    Digital Marketing Director, Outsell LLC (SAAS)

    Developed/directed initiatives for all software and digital marketing offerings for auto OEM’s and dealers, The Digital offering, after a year and a half of my leadership, grew to constituting over 60% of total company revenues.

    Served 4 OEMs, tier 2 associations, and over 1000 dealers.

    Contributed to defining dealer product offerings, data analytic functions, and grew and managed all digital creative, operations and analytic teams.

    Sold and managed the AutoNation account nationally for a strategically designed digital marketing suite of data-driven campaigns and digital tools utilizing captured and analyzed dealership/customer interactions for 150 dealerships nationwide.

  4. -
    President, Direct Target One, Inc

    Founder of a strategic marketing practice with global reach. Work assignments from agencies like Carlson Marketing, McCann MRM, Rapp Collins Worldwide, Ogilvy Worldwide and more.

    Client projects completed for UPM-Kymmene Finland; General Mills; McKinsey & Company; Ford Motor Worldwide; General Motors; Stellent; Lawson Software; Atlas Copco Construction Equipment; Patterson Dental; Kennametal, Motorola Business Solutions Worldwide and others.

  5. -
    SVP Gen. Mgr. Mithun Minneaposlis MN, SVP Gen Mgr. McCann Relationship Marketing -MRM-Midwest
  6. Key Speaker/Educator Asian Direct Marketing Ass'n

Education Highlights

  • Keystone Speaker/Educator
    University of st. thomas, MBA classes St. Paul MN 5 years 1996-02
  • Keystone Speaker/Educator
    Univ. of Michigan mba class
  • Curriculum Advisor
    MBA-Marketing classes University of toledo
  • Highlight Title


  • Brain Injury Ass'n MN
    Board member-3 years
  • Interim CEO-Faith Equestrian Center Guyton GA
    led therapeutic Equine facility during rebranding/repositioning phase 6-months 2022


  • Guitarist/performer
    many venues including opening act for major concerts, and recording artist


  • 26
    Largest # direct reports hired/managed
  • 404%
    two year ROI on $$ customer loyalty pgm
  • $26M
    largest dept (5yrs) McCann RM started Office


  • Digital Marketing
  • Business building
  • Research/analysis
  • Creative direction
  • writing/editing/e-publishing
  • Public Speaking
  • education/training
  • Author/content creator

Questions & Answers

Why did you choose your profession?
I have an insatiable appetite to learn, and then re-apply those lessons in new applications to forge even greater insights and incremental gains in effective communication practices and efficiencies to enhance the user's experience.
Who are your main influences?
I've had the blessing to be grounded in the marketing discipline rooted in data acquisition and analytics from early days. My earliest roots were in direct mail/direct marketing where every effort, and element is evaluated for contribution to return on the investment and failed experiments are readily discarded.

Stan Rapp, founder of the MaxiMarketing wave and Rapp Collins Advertising agency, was a friend and mentor. We first became acquainted when I ran the Buick direct marketing account at McCann Erickson. Stan called me and asked for information on how I'd created some of the innovative digital work we'd done for Buick and an introduction.

(At the time, Stan Rapp took special notice of me as we'd introduced Buick video discs, CDROM's, and direct mail video productions which won Advertising's equivalent of the Academy Award--the 'Telly,' which I conceived, wrote and produced on 35mm and 16mm film as well as video with original music.)

For my writing foundation, my mentors forced study of Claude Hopkins (Scientific Advertising), David Ogilvy, and Ed McClean. I personally knew Henry Hoke, Dick Hodgeson, Lester Wonderman.

For peer support, inspiration and a great example of stamina, I tip my hat to John Miglautsch.

Above all, the greatest influence on my learning of theory and practice of the art of data-driven marketing was from my mentor, Richard Shaver. Dick taught all management and staff of the American Express direct marketing group for decades and taught me his unique brand of marketing. He termed it 'consumer-guided marketing' which places the Consumer in control of the types and forms of information they choose to access and digest, while insuring their privacy.

(See 'Next Step in Database Marketing: Consumer Guided Marketing' published by J. Wiley & Sons.) This book contains case studied of my work, among other contributors.

The study of that choice in action provides powerful insight into how to forge a sustainable, on-going relationship that is mutually beneficial between provider and consumer.

Describe your greatest accomplishment.
Providing definition and solutions where none previously existed.


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