Direct Target One, Brent J. Bissell

Marketing Consulting to form Customer Relationships that spur Buyer Behaviors & Experiences.


Automotive | Market Intelligence | Customer Acquisition & Development | Research & Data Analysis | Marketing Standards Compliance

Specialties: Sales/Marketing cross team training and communications, Loyalty programs, Market Intelligence/research; Copy & creative strategies; Competitive Benchmarking Studies; Digital (Websites, CRM and Content Management, Email, display, SEO) and trigger campaigns; Relationship Marketing; Database building & data analyses; Multi-variate testing; Qualitative/Quantitative Research, PR messaging and press/event relations. Direct mail, film/video/digital production.

Having demonstrated effectiveness at creating and implementing strategic marketing and business intelligence assignments throughout the world, both B2B and B2C, I have an arsenal of approaches and knowledge that are proven to work.

These campaigns impact the full range of customer experiences from initial contacts through trial and purchase to advocacy.

Innovative marketing executive with  broad expertise and knowledge of all customer communication channels, and how best to approach and conquer challenges with uncommon solutions.

Deep digital experience, with strong emphasis in strategic, creative and analytic practices have forged a consumer-focused marketer who has earned a reputation as an industry pioneer in loyalty and digital campaigns.

Inevitably, these campaigns induce brand interaction and personal exchanges of information and communications. This dialog leads to reciprocal and reinforcing messaging.

The information exchanged provides valuable insights into a customer's life. This allows the marketer to be living the details and expressing them through marketing experiences, acquired learning and the written, heard and spoken exchange of information.

This is my passion.

United States & International

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